Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are strands with little electric lights attached along the way. They are used to decorate homes and Christmas trees during Christmas time, in order to contribute to the festivity of the season. Christmas lights are very versatile, and can be used in variety of different ways. For instance, they can be wrapped around your outdoor trees and shrubs, as well as hang from your interior windows. Christmas lights come in a wide array of configurations and colors. They can be multi-colored or simply white. Because bright colors are often used during the holiday season, Christmas lights typically come in red, green, blue, yellow, white, or any combinations thereof. The lights can also be animated in flash patterns, or simply remain still. The animation modes are typically changeable by a press of a button.

What to Look for When Buying Christmas Lights

In buying Christmas lights, you should first figure out, based on anticipated use and proper measurements, how many strings of lights you would need. Strings come in lengths from 25 lights to 200 lights. Note that the lengths of the strings depend not only on the counts of the lights, but also on the size of the lights. For instance, the length of a string with 25 miniature lights is significantly shorter than the length of a string with 25 large lights. Secondly, you should determine the type of lights to be used based and the effects you would like to achieve with the lights. C7 and C9 are the most common types of Christmas lights. They are full-sized lights, specifically designed for outdoor use. Because of their large sizes and brightness, the C7 and C9 are great to put on the outside of your house along the roofline and on larger trees. Mini lights, on the end of the size spectrum, are miniature lights typically used to decorate Christmas trees and smaller shrubs. Icicle lights, bubble lights, and novelty lights are specialty lights shaped and designed to achieve particular holiday effects. The icicle lights are arranged on the strands at different lengths, thus giving the effect of icicles hanging from your roof. The bubble lights are lights that look like they have constant streams of bubbles rising to the top. Last but not least, the novelty lights are shaped anything from chili peppers to flowers to peppermints to Santa Clause.