Rustic Outdoor Lighting

Rustic lighting refers to the laid back or informal style often found in country homes and log cabins. It is decorative, without being too over the top. Most rustic lighting designs feature unpolished metal woods or patina finishes and cozy designs used to enhance the d��cor without being too distracting. Rustic lighting isn't only found in farmhouses and vacation homes, however. Many city homes use rustic lighting for family rooms, kitchens, and other areas where a less formal look is more appropriate. Many rustic lighting designs incorporate elements of nature. It is not unusual to see lamps and sconces adorned with pine trees, bears, farm scenes, or antlers; many also feature log cabins, bison, and deer.

Lighting creates a mood. Whether it is bright general lighting or softer lighting such as that which comes from lamps and sconces, there is a rustic style to suit the purpose. Chandeliers aren't of the glittering, formal varieties found in many high society dining rooms. Instead, they are made of wagon wheels, antlers, or wrought iron. Wall sconces are also made of unpolished metals and dull finishes. Lamps and lampshades are in earth tones with styles to match all d��cor. It is not uncommon to find rustic pieces bearing whimsical designs. In fact, many home owners like to take pottery and figurines, and turn them into rustic table lamps. Outdoor lighting such as that which is found on a porch, is most often in the familiar craftsman style. Rustic lighting gives one a feeling of comfort and being at one with nature. The warm tones and gentle lighting puts one at ease almost immediately. It's no wonder rustic lighting can be found in rooms where you can take off your shoes and put up your feet.