Playground Equipment

Backyard playground equipment is more affordable than ever. Look in most suburban backyards and you are sure to find, at the very least, a slide and a swing. Today's playground equipment is a lot more than that, however. There are additional options available including tunnels, rock climbing walls, picnic tables, forts, tree houses, bridges, walkie talkies, and sand boxes. Parents can purchase a basic kit and add various components throughout the years, or purchase a specific package featuring several different components. The latter may be a less expensive option than buying each component at full price. Parents can also purchase the lumber separately and build their own backyard play sets; this might be a more affordable option for those who are handy with a screw gun.

Choosing Playground Equipment: Safety & Suitability are Key

When choosing playground equipment, be sure it is safe for children. Corners should be rounded, not sharp. Edges should be smooth, not jagged. Make sure there are no holes or other areas where fingers or arms can become stuck. Screws and other hardware should be in recessed holes where they cannot scratch or cause damage. Wood play sets should be made of treated wood that is resistant to water and insect damage. It is also a good idea to make sure that all components of your play set are age-appropriate; you can always add more grown up components as the children get older.

Before you purchase your back yard playground equipment, take measurements of your backyard. If you have a small yard, you don't want to purchase a super-deluxe model that will end up taking up all available space. You will also need to prepare the ground for a playground set (the ground under a play set should be level). You may need to bring in top soil or have a landscaper even it out. You will also want to put down a thick layer of playground mulch; this will ensure a softer landing in the event of a fall. Keep your family's safety in mind when purchasing equipment. You might even want to spend a few extra bucks to have it professionally installed. When it comes to your family, you can't be too safe.


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