In today's stressful society, people everywhere are looking for an everyday method of relaxation. One method is the use of a home spa, which provides similar services of a day spa in one's own home. Generally built into a bathroom, home spas use jets of water and air to massage and relax one's body, much like a masseuse at a day spa. The most common constructions have whirlpool jets, multiple water jets built into a tub, creating a number of relaxing streams of water. Another common technique is the air system, which releases small bubbles into the bathwater through dozens of holes in the bathtub. These can be used in conjunction with aromatherapy salts or other products, and occasionally are built along with whirlpool jets. For showers, a common home spa attachment is the addition of body jets, which send massaging streams of water at one's torso, much like whirlpool jets. Showerheads can also create massaging streams of water. One technique for larger showers is to install multiple showerheads, allowing for full body coverage. A final shower attachment is the steam shower, which releases steam into the air to open pores and create additional relaxation.


Choosing a Home Spa

Depending on personal preferences and budgets, home spas can be as simple as a shower attachment to a custom built addition to a home. For larger systems, it is common to add a hot tub, a larger tub with whirlpool jets and air systems where couples can relax together. Another addition is a sauna, a room where one can relax in steam and heated air. Some other extras include a heated towel rod and heated floors, which make the home spa experience even more comfortable in colder climates. Being that a home spa is designed around relaxation, sound systems and television can be built into the room, treating both the sense of sight and sound as well as touch and smell. The room itself is often designed with cool colors and a soothing motif, with natural stone, glass doors, and matte finishes. Live plants can also add to the relaxing sensations, but it is important that the plants can handle the heat and moisture of the spa. Overall, there are many variations to a home spa, and so it is wise to consult with an expert before construction. However, if well built, a home spa can provide daily relief from the pressures of everyday life.