Swimming Pool Toys

Swimming pools are not just for swimming in; they're for having fun in the sun. For children especially, a day at the pool just isn't the same without an assortment of swimming pool toys to play with. Adults also enjoy pool toys, many of which aren't actually toys at all, but might better be described by the term pool recreational accessories.



Types of Swimming Pool Toys

In general, pool toys can be divided into four main categories:

  • Inflatables
  • Foam
  • Kid's Toys
  • Swimming Aids.

1. Inflatables Swimming Pool Toys

Some inflatables are active toys like the classic beach ball and its many variations. There are passive inflatable toys such as rafts, floating chairs, and inner tubes. It is strongly recommended that air pumps are used to inflate the larger toys.

2. Swimming Pool Toys in Foam

Foam toys are sort of like frozen inflatables in that the foam floats because it's packed with tiny air bubbles. Popular foam pool toys include traditional favorites like flutter boards, noodles, mats, and other squishy toys.

3. Kid's Toys for the Swimming Pool

Many a child has been enticed into entering the water for the first time by a brightly colored floating toy. Plastic boats, squirt guns, rings that float or sink, the list is pretty much endless. Older kids enjoy floating basketball nets, radio-controlled boats, and scaring the adults with plastic shark fins strapped to their backs.

4. Swimming Aids for the Pool

These include swim fins, swim masks, snorkels, etc.


Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming pool toys, perhaps more than any other toys, have to meet high standards of quality and safety. As well, they have to survive in a harsh environment that combines sunlight, water, and chemicals such as chlorine.

It's important to always remember that even the safest pool toys are used in a potentially unsafe environment. Always supervise children playing in pools, and educate your children on swimming pool and water safety as well as basic emergency procedures.