Patio Pet Doors

Pet doors are small flaps that are installed into a door or wall to allow house pets to freely enter and exit the home. Because patio doors are frequently sliding glass doors, special patio pet doors are available. Rather than being installed into the door, these pet doors come in panels that fit into the track of the sliding glass door.


Benefits of Patio Pet Doors

Pet doors allow you full use of your sliding door in addition to giving your pet an easy way to come in and out. Because many animals, such as dogs, are generally only given free reign in a fenced-in area, such as the backyard, patio pet doors are ideal. Patio pet doors are panels that will extend all the way from the bottom to the top of your sliding glass door. They attach to the door frame, and the sliding glass door closes on the pet door.

Patio Pet Door Options

Patio pet doors are glass except for the flap area; this can be made of any number of materials, depending on what you like and what your budget is. The flaps are also available with different features such as locks and magnetic sealing, depending on what you are looking for. Because the pet doors are mostly glass, they won't block sunlight or your view. They are also available in double glazed glass, if you live in a climate that requires extra insulation. Patio pet doors can be installed permanently or semi-permanently. Either option will allow you to safely lock your door.

Ordering Your Patio Pet Door

When ordering a patio pet door, you will want to take careful measurements of the height of your door (from track to top), the height of the track, and the minimum area your pet will need in order to be able to go through the door without strain. Keep in mind you will need enough room when the door is installed to be able to use your sliding door comfortably yourself. Patio pet doors are available in different colors and materials; the three most typical colors are white, aluminum colored, and dark brown. They can also be painted to match your door.