A porch is an open, covered area at the entrance to a house or building. Porches that extend along the front, back, side, or wrapping around a building in an L-shape are sometimes also referred to as verandahs.


Benefits of Porches

Porches are making a comeback in the United States. As America's baby boomers look to remodel their homes to add space and increase home value, many are adding porches. They recall the charm and ambience of porches as a means of enjoying the outdoors while growing up and have, in recent years, become less enamored of sunning on decks. Porches are a great place to relax and enjoy the seasons in the daytime or evening hours, as well as a space for informal gatherings of family and friends. Back porches give homeowners more privacy, but front porches are conducive to chatting with neighbors; they convey ’welcome’ and friendliness.

Factors to Consider When Adding A Porch to your Home

When adding a porch to a home, be sure thee are gutters to catch rain and debris and that the height of the porch roof looks like it is part of the original architecture rather than an add-on. Two features in particular will have the greatest impact on the design and style of a porch. First is the addition of exterior and interior millwork, as well as brackets at the top of porch posts. These features go a long way toward getting rid of the flat or angular look of a porch and adding a touch of elegance and even Victorian charm. Secondly, the style of posts, or balusters, used on the porch��whether simple or ornate��will be the predominant factor in the overall look of the porch. Many porches are screened in to protect people from bugs. Some homeowners with balcony porches may even want to convert that space to a screened-in sleeping porch. Screens for porches can extend from floor to roof or from the top of the railing or posts to the roof. Today's homeowners can even enjoy fiberglass mesh screening, which is far more durable and requires less maintenance. A less expensive way of achieving protection from nature's pesky insects is to use mosquito netting curtains. These machine-washable nets are a great alternative to permanent screens; they are attached to a porch with curtain hooks or Velcro and provide the versatility of easy removal when a more open atmosphere on the porch is preferred.

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