Screened Enclosures

Permanent and temporary screened enclosures allow for enjoyment of the outdoors while protecting from weather and insects. They are designed in a variety of configurations and sizes to fit within any landscape. Some enclosures become part of an existing structure while others are designed to provide short-term space for special gatherings or activities.


Benefits of Screened Enclosures

Screened enclosures of any type will extend evening activities by decreasing the discomfort of annoying mosquitoes and other flying insects. They provide a cool retreat during the hottest daylight hours as well. Many will have waterproof coverings and removable screened sides. Screened enclosures can also be installed around swimming pools, hot tubs, decks, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, and playgrounds. Permanent structures will typically be built on a concrete pad or over approved wood flooring. Most home additions will require professional assistance with roof extensions and wiring. Enclosures may also be freestanding with a wood or pre-fabricated skeleton with screens attached to the side panels. Temporary structures can be as simple as a specially designed mesh that fits over a picnic or deck umbrella. Portable models come in many sizes beginning with seating for a family of four and are perfect for transport to picnic or camping areas. All screened enclosures reduce debris accumulation and cleanup time.

Do-It-Yourself Screened Enclosures

Many manufacturers offer kits for the do-it-yourselfer. These are available with wood, vinyl, and aluminum framing. Some are durable enough to remain in place throughout the year while others will require storage during colder, inclement weather. Advanced kits include doors and glass panels with insulating properties for winter use. Economical models can extend the use of a patio through the attachment of an awning with dropdown sides. If a patio is already roofed, it is quite simple to custom install screened side and back panels with the assistance of a contractor. The type of mesh used should also be considered when shopping for enclosures. Standard and fine screens are typically comprised of fiberglass while providing proportionate levels of protection.

Other Things to Think about with Screened Enclosures

For increased sun safety during summer, solar screens are available to reduce glare and will keep the space cooler. If pets are an issue in a fully-screened enclosure, stronger polyester mesh can be installed. Pool enclosures are accessorized with plastic panels to reduce evaporation when not in use. Before making a purchase of any screened enclosure, it is important to become familiar with building codes and city ordinances.