Teak Patio Furniture

Teak patio furniture is both elegant and practical; the hardwood is well-known for its durability and low-maintenance qualities. Teak, which is grown in Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia, is a premier choice for any type of furniture.


Teak Furniture : Ecologicial, Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance

Most teak is harvested from sustainable sources, which means that what is used is replaced. It is fast-growing as well, and is therefore an ecologically friendly resource. More specifically, it will last for many decades with minimal attention. It is resistant to weather, sun, and insect infestations. It can be fashioned into any number of products for both indoor and outdoor living. As teak ages, it becomes silvery gray, but with cleaning and a coat of oil, the original sheen will return if desired. Teak does not require sealing and stains will fade with time. The wood contains natural oils; it is resistant to cracking and does not splinter. Teak patio furniture does not need to be stored during winter months, as it will survive any type of weather without damage to the wood. Overall, teak furniture is highly regarded in the most formal of gardens as well as simple and casual settings.

Teak comes with a higher price tag than other types of patio furniture, but considering its longevity may be more economical by comparison.

Teak: Patio Furniture Available

Manufacturers use different grades of teak to build furniture and accessories. The cost will reflect the quality of wood, as well as its fixtures, construction, and styling. Recliners, also called steamers, and Adirondack chairs are classic choices for beginning a teak furniture collection. Side tables and ottomans are terrific additions when the budget allows. Settees and benches are styled to meet a wide range of decor choices from French Country to Mission. Full-sized outdoor tables with bench seating or dining chairs are popular and suitable for indoor use as well. Swings and rockers may round out the ultimate teak patio furniture collection. Swings can be hung from porch ceilings, attached to free-standing structures, or placed on glider bases.Outdoor design goes far beyond the familiar types of furniture. Teak wood is used to construct attractive trash containers and is a popular support structure for patio umbrellas. Fencing, latticework, trellises, and plant fixtures made of teak will also add charm and style to any landscape. Manufacturers provide teak patio furniture unfinished or pre-oiled. A coating of teak oil will prolong the original color, even in full sun, and provides extra resistance to staining.