Wood Patio Furniture

Wood patio furniture is furniture designed and created specifically for outdoor use. Made of wood, typically teak, shorea, or cedar, wood patio furniture has a natural, casual look that blends well in a patio or garden setting. It is available in a wide variety of styles and colors, as well as price ranges. Because wood patio furniture is typically simple in design, it is fairly timeless, and doesn't go out of style. Pieces that are available include tables, chairs, and benches. Choose designs that you like and that you find comfortable. You can add padding to chairs and benches, but this may cause problems with mold and water damage.


Choosing Wood Patio Furniture

The ideal wood for outdoor furniture is teak. Because this wood is naturally water and bug resistant, it has an incredibly long life. It is also a very hard wood, and is beautiful. Left untreated, it still resists the elements; however, by treating the wood and keeping it clean, you can extend its life and maintain the color you want. Shorea, cedar, and other hard woods are also frequently used for patio furniture. These woods are not as durable as teak, but are much less expensive. They will need to be periodically stained and sealed; otherwise, they will turn a gray color and may suffer water damage. The best way to maintain wood patio furniture is by cleaning, staining (if needed or desired), and sealing it once a year. Additionally, if you live in a cold-weather climate, your furniture should be put inside or in storage during the winter. Teak is an exception to this, as snow will not damage it. When choosing wood patio furniture, be certain to purchase pieces that are designed to be placed outside; the wood will be more durable and they should already be stained and sealed.