Interior Painting Ideas

People have always used their walls to express themselves, dating back to pre-historic times (think cave paintings); nothing about that has changed, except maybe the techniques. Interior painting is a way for a homeowner to update a room, as well as to add character and an opportunity to express themselves creatively. There are many different ideas, techniques and styles that help each homeowner create a look that is all their own. Here are a few of them.


Interior painting ideas; faux painting

The interior painting technique called faux painting or faux finishing is a popular technique used to add depth and interest to a wall or walls. One popular method is called ragging; a base coat is brushed or rolled onto the walls, then colored glaze is applied with a rag over the base color. Once dry, this technique makes the walls look three-dimensional, rather than boring and flat. There are other faux painting techniques and each one is used to create a different look and feel. For example, a technique called "combing" (dragging combs of different sizes through the top coat) creates the look of wood grain. Other techniques and instructions can be found on any number of painting or home improvement websites. Your local paint or home improvement store is another good place to explore your faux options and many also carry faux painting kits, which include all the equipment you need to create a particular look.

Interior painting ideas; wall stenciling

Stencils are nothing new, but using them for interior painting is an idea that has been making resurgence lately, especially in homes decorated in the "country" style. They are an easy technique to learn and require no specialized equipment other than the stencils. Stencils make it easier to make everything uniform, but still have the mark of being done by hand, which adds interest to the wall. Stencils can be purchased at any number of home improvement stores and websites, or you can simply make your own from a sheet of acetate or Mylar.


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