Roofing and siding materials have a huge impact on your home's appearance and value. Today, you can choose natural looking products that require virtually no maintenance. While you'll want your home to have a breathtaking appearance, you also need to use materials that will protect your home from the climate you live in. Vinyl siding or wood clapboards? Metal or asphalt roofing? Choosing the right siding and roofing, along with insulation, will affect how cool your home stays in the summer and how easy it is to warm in the winter. Gutters, skylights, eaves and overhangs are functional components that can be used to compliment your home's style. Remodeling your old fireplace and chimney will make your home more attractive, safer, and help you to save money on heating. Whatever you need to do with your home's roofing and siding��Home Doctor can help you do it right. If you would like to learn more about various different colors, styles and types, here is a good site about siding that you may want to check out.