Aluminium Siding

Aluminum siding is a material used to cover the outside of a home or building. Available in different textures and styles, it is fairly resistant to the elements, making it very low maintenance. The pieces usually overlap in order to prevent water from getting between the slats. Because it does expand and contract depending on the weather, it is best to install in sections.

The Look of Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding can be made to look like shingles, wood boards, and various other types of materials. It can be painted any color, and this, along with its easy maintenance and long warranties (typically twenty-five years or longer), make it an excellent choice for home use. Many varieties of aluminum siding are designed to look like wood (whether in horizontal or vertical board designs or shingle form), and make an attractive exterior to the home. Aluminum siding can be painted with paint found at local home improvement stores.


The Benefits of Aluminum Siding

Because aluminum is very resistant to oxidization and corrosion, the siding is long-lasting. Care should be taken if any signs of oxidization or corrosion are present to stop the damage. Aluminum siding is also easily cleaned. Aluminum siding is both less expensive and easier to maintain than wood siding, and looks nearly the same. It can also be purchased in dent-resistant versions, although it may still suffer damage if struck too hard. However, it is not difficult to replace small sections of the siding.