The Option of Fiber Cement Siding

You have choices when it comes to covering the exterior your house or building. Fiber cement siding is an option that is rising in popularity. It has been around for over 100 years, but is now just starting to hit the main stream again. There are about 10 percent of homes being built with fiber cement siding now and even more that re-side with it. Fiber cement siding can be used indoors as well; it lends itself to many different options.


It is basically sand, cement and glucose that has been bonded together to form a nearly impermeable structure. It can then be used as siding it can gives a great alternative to traditional wood siding with less installation time and cost. Fiber cement siding doesn't have the tendency to warp and bend the way wood does. Also, it is easier to cut require less time in making straight edges. It can be cut into strips to be laid like wood planks or it can be cut into large sections and nailed down flat up against the building. Also, because of the overlaying ability with fiber cement siding you don't the "Polk a dotted" look that accompanies traditional wood planks. It holds paint for years longer than wood as well, so the cost is also an advantage in this area. Fiber cement siding doesn't expand and contract the way wood or vinyl siding will. This means that the paint won't chip or peal nearly as fast as it would with wood. And with vinyl there has to be allows room to move when it is nailed down, with fiber cement siding once it is in place, there is no need to leave expanding room.