The Many Fiber Cement Siding Colors

Fiber cement siding is a great exterior for you home. Composed of sand, cellulose fiber, and cement, fiber cement siding is durable while also giving the effect of wood. And, fiber cement siding can come in a variety of colors. However, when deciding on the color choices for fiber cement siding, you should think about various aspects of the color choices.


Fiber Cement Siding Colors That Complement the Home

Deciding on the right color of fiber cement siding is not always an easy task. You should consider several things when choosing the right color for you home. One such item to consider is the design of your home. If you home encompasses a more woodsy feel, then choose a fiber cement siding color that complements this. If you home is more modern in design, then choose a bolder color. The color should complement your home's design-not take away from it.

Fiber Cement Siding Colors: Consider Your Neighbors

If you live in a subdivision or neighborhood with a lot of people, you should consider how the color of the siding would affect the neighborhood and the value of the home. Though you are not expected to conform to your neighbors' tastes, you also don't want to negatively stand out in the neighborhood.

Your Fiber Cement Siding Should Complement the Other Colors

Finally, think about the other colors you have used in your home. The color of your doors and shutters should complement the color of your fiber cement siding. And, you should think about your personal style. You want a color that complements you as well. However, you also may want to sell your home someday, so you want to be a little wise in the color of fiber cement siding you choose.