The Tools Used in Fiber Cement Siding Installation

There are a variety of tools used in the installation of fiber cement siding. These tools range from safety tools to the tools used to hang the siding. Each of the tools are of equal importance, working together to give your home a virtually maintenance free exterior.


Safety Tools for Fiber Cement Siding Installation

Before beginning the fiber cement siding installation, be sure to gather tools to protect your eyes and your lungs. You should always wear safety glasses when installing fiber cement siding. And, due to the dust that is created when cutting the siding, it is absolutely essential to wear a dust mask or respirator. This is especially important, as fiber cement siding dust can cause an incurable lung disease called silicosis.

Cutting Tools for Fiber Cement Siding Installation

There are various tools used for cutting fiber cement siding. These tools include the circular saw, which is most commonly used. This saw allows angles to be easily cut. However, the circular saw also produces the most dust. Another cutting tool is fiber cement shears. These electric shears are great for cutting curves and straight lines. Jigsaws are also used in fiber cement siding installation, as they can cut holes as well as curves.

Hanging Tools for Fiber Cement Siding Installation

The tools used in hanging fiber cement installation include the nails and hammer. Screws can also be used to install the siding. However, fiber cement siding installation most often uses nails. The nails should be stainless steel. Either roofing nails or siding nails can be used in the installation.

Fiber cement siding can be a bit of work. However, with the right tools, the job can be completed much more easily, and in less time.