Make Way for Fiber Cement Siding Repair

Checking your siding on a regular basis is the best way to prevent major damage. If water is has soaked your siding and not had enough time to dry out, this can cause a mildew issue. While it isn't a big deal if caught early, significant mildew damage can make its way into the house, through the siding and plywood and then you will have a much bigger issue on your hands.


You have several options when it comes to repairs of your fiber cement siding. You can call a contractor and they can do the job for you, but if it's a relatively small area you can easily do it yourself. Fiber cement siding is a great option even if your home has been originally covered in hard wood. The different styles, grains and textures of fiber cement siding makes it an ideal choice for patch jobs.

How to Repair Your Own Fiber Cement Siding

For a do it yourself job you will need basically the same tools as if you are installing it yourself. If it is just the siding that got damaged then the repair should be pretty easy. You will first need to take off the old siding and inspect the underneath wood and sheathing. If you find damage here then go ahead and replace this before trying to reinstall the siding. Most of the time the water damage doesn't go through the sheathing, and that's the idea behind its use. Basically, all that's left is to cut the new siding to match the old piece and then nail it up. Once it is in place you will need to get it painted as soon as possible. This is where you can really help make it look like the other parts of the siding. Apply at least 2 coats of 100% acrylic topcoat to give a strong finish.