Finding the Fiber Cement Siding Styles for You

When you are thinking about what you want to outline your house in, and what kind of message you want to give off, it can be a bit daunting. You want something that will give a classy look that won't break the bank. There are lots of beautiful options out there, but the price tag is a little hard to handle. Fiber cement siding has so many styles to choose from that you can get the look of those more expensive coverings at a fraction of the cost.


The Various "Looks" of Fiber Cement Siding


Brick is a classic choice for siding your home. Fiber cement siding can be fashioned to look exactly like brick and no one will ever be able to tell the difference. You even have several color choices within each style to choose from. There is always the option of doing a partial covering of brick and then the top half cover is your traditional horizontal panels. You can also choose a trim that suites your style and make your home more "eclectic".

You will find the further south you go the number of homes using stucco as a covering increases. This has become quite a fashion trend and is easy to duplicate with fiber cement siding. The time and effort involved in putting up traditional stucco is not necessary when you choose to go with fiber cement siding. And because fiber cement siding can be painted, you are never stuck with one color for the life of the siding.

Fiber cement siding isn't just limited to outdoor use. You could take your wood burning fireplace in your living room and cover it with fiber cement siding. Because of the ability to change its color, redecorating would be very low cost.