What to Consider in Your Vinyl Siding Colors

Changing the color of your home shouldn't be done lightly. The color and style that you choose will last for many years to come and will cost you quit a bit if you decide you don't like it and want to change it.


How to Decide Your Vinyl Siding Colors

The color you choose depends greatly on the size and location of your house. There are different things to think about when considering the color of your siding. The lighter shades will tend to make your house look bigger, plus it can lower cooling cost in the hot summer months. Also, these lighter tones can give the illusion of your house being closer to the front of the lot. Depending on where it is situated, this could be either a good or bad thing. On the other hand, the darker colors such as browns, dark blues and greens can cause a house to look smaller. This might be a good idea of you feel like your house is too daunting or that is looks too large for your neighborhood. Also, those darker colors can give the effect of your house being set farther back, which would be a nice if you are close to the road and want to make a separation. Consider these tips when deciding on your vinyl siding colors. One last tip you may want to consider: take the samples out into natural light to get a true feel for the color. Fluorescent lights can alter the color and give a false representation of what it will look like. The vinyl siding colors is a major decision when building a new home. Therefore, you should put much thought and consideration into it.