Vinyl Siding Repair: You Don't Have to Be Left in the Rain

After a strong storm hits, you examine your house to find that some vinyl siding pieces have come off or have been damaged during the strong winds. Though the event is unfortunate, vinyl siding repair is actually quite simple to do.


The Tools of the Trade: Vinyl Siding Repair Tools


Having a vinyl siding contractor repair the vinyl siding can be quite costly. Therefore, if you have the tools available and the knowledge, then vinyl siding repairs can be a do-it-yourself project. The basic tools you need to repair vinyl siding include a section of the matching vinyl siding, a zip tool, tin snips, pry bar, nails, and utility knife. The vinyl siding section can be purchased for around ten dollars. However, if you have any leftover vinyl siding from when it was first installed, you may want to use that instead. Not only will it match perfectly, it will save you a little money.

Repairing the Vinyl Siding

To repair the vinyl siding, you must first unlock the siding both above and below the area that was damaged. Use the zip tool to do this. You will then need to use the pry bar to take out he damaged piece of siding. Cut the new piece of siding to fit the section. Use the utility knife for this job. You will also need to use the snips to cut away from the top nailing strip and the bottom J-piece. Next, install the replacement piece. This should be done using roofing nails. Use the zip tool to place the new piece into the area. The vinyl siding repair should not take too long to do. In no time, your home will be looking as good as new!