The Wide Variety of Vinyl Siding Styles

Vinyl siding is used on about one-third of all homes in the United States. Most people appreciate the ease and durability that vinyl siding offers. And, with new styles to choose from, vinyl siding's popularity is forever increasing.


The Changing Faces in Vinyl Siding Styles

Wood siding once outsold vinyl siding simply because of the different colors and styles available for wood. But now, with advancements in vinyl siding styles, the use of vinyl siding is growing exponentially. The vinyl siding styles have changed dramatically, with more colors and textures to choose from. In the past, colors of vinyl siding were limited to fewer than a dozen choices. Today, more than 700 colors are available to choose from.

Vinyl siding is made from various types of plastic. However, machines can now create vinyl siding panels that resemble wood. To achieve this wood appearance, an expensive plastic called polypropylene is used. Vinyl siding styles are also designed to look like brick or stone. And, these styles are available in do-it-yourself panels that allow for easy installation. The molded polypropylene allows the vinyl siding to resemble the different textures.

The Inside Scoop on Vinyl Siding Styles

Not only have the styles of vinyl siding changed, so have the interiors of vinyl siding. Many builders now prefer insulated vinyl siding. Though the insulated siding looks like every other form of vinyl siding on the outside, the back of the siding is lined with insulating foam. Not only does the insulation help save money on energy bills, it also allows for additional stability.

The changing styles in vinyl siding give homeowners even more reasons to use vinyl siding on their homes.