Economical Roofing Designs

There are six basics types of roofing designs to consider when thinking about installing a new roof; gable, hip, gambrel, flat, shed and mansard. Some of these designs are more economical to build and install. Gable and hipped roofs are the most economical; here is a run-down of the costs of these two styles.


Economical roofing designs: gable-style roofing

The most economical option when looking at roofing designs is the gabled roof. This design has an A-frame shaped appearance, and is often combined with other roofing designs to add interest to the outside of the home. The cost of a gabled roof is determined by the size of the roof and the type of covering you choose. It is dangerous to state a price for this kind of roof; all variables contribute to price differences. The most important thing to know is that this is the most economical roof to construct; that should reflect in the cost. If you get an estimate for a gabled roof that is higher than one for a hipped roof, try to find another contractor.

Economical roofing designs: hipped roofs

The other one of the roofing designs that is most economical is the hipped roof. Though hipped roofs also have angled rafters similar to a gabled roof, this style is different in that all four sides of the roof are angled, creating a pyramid looking design. Another common hipped roof design is one that includes a roof ridge, a straight edge that the rafters connect to. This style of roof is a bit more expensive than gabled roofs because the trusses that hold the roof are more difficult to construct. However, even with a higher cost than gables, hipped roofs are still an economical choice for roofing designs.