Steel Roofing

Steel roofing is light, strong and durable and is considered to be a rather sustainable roofing choice. As far as cost goes, using steel can potentially lower material and labor costs as lightweight steel roofing reduces the need for internal structural support in construction projects. Disposal costs are also minimal in re-roofing jobs. And, again, due to its lightweight quality, steel roofing can be directly installed over old roofs �� leading to a quicker installation time and less material sent off to landfills. The cost of a steel roof is somewhere between the cost of shingle and slate roofs.


Steel Roofing Is Recyclable - Good for the Environment

Sustainability wise, steel roofing systems are completely recyclable �� with the steel eventually transforming into another steel product. In addition, all new steel is made from recycled steel scraps and other raw materials �� with at least twenty-five percent of its content being recycled. Fifty-percent of the steel produced in the United States has been recycled and about two-thirds of the steel produced every year is recycled eventually. When the steel industry uses old steel products and other types of ferrous scraps to make new steel, it efficiently lowers the costs of making steel and reduces the amount of energy used in the steel-making process by about seventy-five percent every year.

The Additional Benefits of Steel Roofing

Prepainted steel roofs can last for at least thirty years. Depending on the moisture barrier or underlayment, steel roofs can even last upwards of fifty years. Steel doesn't crack or shrink. It makes up about eighty percent of the market in metal roofing. Steel roofing is most often constructed from zinc-coated steel with great resistance to corrosion and has the potential to weather various environmental factors like sunlight and humidity. It also isn't all too inviting to insects and other pests. Some steel is made up of as much as twenty-five percent recycled materials. Besides being lighter and stronger than many roofing materials, steel roofing is available in a plethora of shape and color options that mirror the look of more traditional roofs. Steel roofing is a favored choice for many homeowners in areas of frequent and heavy snowfall as steel easily sheds snow and is better at resisting the force of wind than wood shingles or a concrete tile roof. West coast residents living in seismic regions of the United States favor steel for its lightweight and resistance to fire.